Sterilization PPT For Free Download: It is the process that sabotages all parasite (including bacterial microspores).

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Sterilization PPT For Free Download

Inspection of Instruments

  • Proper alignment of jaws & teeth
  • Proper tension with closed ratchets
  • Screws and pins are clean

Paper-Plastic Package System

  • Allows for proper sealing to secure contents
  • Remove as much air as possible to facilitate effective sterilization

Storage of Packaging Materials

  • Room temperature
  • Humidity 35% to 70%
    • High humidity
    • Low humidity
      • Dehydration
      • Brittle and easily tear

Cycle Phases

  • Conditioning
    • Air removal
  • Exposure
    • Load is heated to sterilization temp
  • Exhaust
    • Bottom drain opens and steam is exhaused
  • Drying
    • Dry heat revaporizes existing moisture & removes from the load

Proper Loading & Unloading

  • Proper Loading
  • Proper Unloading
    • Called strike through
  • Do not place hot items on cool surfaces

Bowie Dick Test

  • Daily air removal test

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

  • Toxic & flammable
  • Lengthly processing /aeration time
  • High cost
  • Environmental concerns

Immediate Use Sterilization

  • Only used in special situations
  • Gravity displacement method
  • Disassemble all instruments
  • Flush lumens with distilled water

This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this PPT file of Sterilization.

  • Introduction
  • Decontamination Area
  • Types of Cleaning
  • Manual Cleaning of Instruments
  • Packaging Materials
  • Steam Sterilization
  • Cycle Phases
  • Chemical Sterilization
  • Immediate Use Sterilization
  • References

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