Semiconductors PPT Free to Download: Semiconductors are materials whose electrical properties lie between Conductors and Insulators. 


  • Half-wave rectification;
  • Full-wave rectification.

Semiconductors PPT Free to Download

Half-wave Rectification

  • Simplest process used to convert ac to dc.

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Forward Bias and Reverse Bias

  • Forward Bias
  • Reverse Bias

Characteristics of Diode

  • Diode always conducts in one direction.
  • Diodes always conduct current when “Forward Biased” ( Zero resistance)
  • Diodes do not conduct when Reverse Biase

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This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this PPT file of Semiconductor.

  • Introduction
  • What are P-type and N-type semiconductors??
  • What are Diodes?
  • Forward Bias & Reverse Bias
  • Characteristics Of Ideal Diode
  • Shockley Equation
  • I – V Characteristics of Diodes
  • References

Download:  Semiconductors PPT