LED (Light Emitting Diode) PPT: The qaunta of bright efficiency released is comparatively reciprocal to the band gap of the semiconductor. 


By the end of this lecture you must be able to …

  • Explain your drawing.
  • Explain band gap engineering

LED (Light Emitting Diode) PPT

Injection Luminescence in LED

  • Upon entering, the majority carriers become minority carriers
  • The minority carriers will be larger à minority carrier injection
  • The recombination causes light to be emitted
  • Such process is termed radiative recombination.

Materials Requirements

  • Correct band gap
  • Direct band gap
  • Efficient radiative pathways must exist
  • Material can be made p and n-type

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This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this PPT file of LED PPT.

  • Objectives
  • What is LED?
  • 4 Main Issues
  • By the end of this lecture you must be able to …
  • For the LED lectures you need:
  • Construction of Typical LED
  • Injection Luminescence in LED
  • LED Construction
  • References

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