Download XML PPT: Markup language for documents containing structured information

  • Defined by four specifications:
    • XML, the Extensible Markup Language
    • XLL, the Extensible Linking Language
    • XSL, the Extensible Style Language
    • XUA, the XML User Agent

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  • Extensible set of tags
  • Content orientated
  • Standard Data infrastructure
  • Allows multiple output forms


  • Fixed set of tags
  • Presentation oriented
  • No data validation capabilities
  • Single presentation

Advantages of XML

  • XML is text (Unicode) based.
    • Takes up less space.
    • Can be transmitted efficiently.
  • One XML document can be displayed differently in different media.
    • Html, video, CD, DVD,
  • XML documents can be modularized. Parts can be reused.

Challenges facing XML

  • Integration of data sharing
  • Security

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This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this PPT file of XML.

  • Introduction
  • Comparison between XML and HTML
  • XML Syntax
  • Advantages
  • XML Queries and Mediators
  • Challenges
  • References

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