Download Design of Experiments PPT: Advancement of new fusion route for polymer preservative.

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Download Design of Experiments PPT

Necessity of careful planning of experiment

  • limited resources
    • time to carry out experiment
    • costs of required materials/equipment
  • avoid reaching suboptimal settings
  • avoid missing interesting parts of experimental region
  • protection against external uncontrollable/undetectable influences
  • getting precise estimates

Modern approach: DOE

  • DOE = Design of Experiments
  • key ideas:
  • statistical software (Statgraphics, JMP, SAS,…) allows to
    • choose or construct designs
    • analyse experimental results

Goals in experimentation

  • there may be more than one goal, e.g.:
    • yield
    • required reaction time until equilibrium
    • costs of required chemical substances
    • impact on environment (waste)
  • these goals may contradict each other
  • goals must be converted to explicitly measurable quantities

Types of experimental designs

  • screening designs
  • Response surface designs

This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this PPT file of Design of Experiments.

  • Planning Experiments
  • Regression Analysis
  • Types of Experiments
  • Blocking
  • References

Download: Design of Experiments PPT