Download DAMS PPT Free: A dam is a hurdle that confiscates water or undercover swarms. Artificial lake created by dams not only subdue torrent but also provides water for such actions as irrigation, human expenditure, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability.

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Download DAMS PPT Free

Storage of water is utilized for following objectives:

  • Hydropower
  • Irrigation
  • Water for domestic consumption
  • Drought and flood control
  • For navigational facilities
  • Other additional utilization is to develop fisheries

Structure of Dam

  • Heel
  • Toe
  • Abutment
  • Galleries
  • Diversion tunnel
  • Spillways
  • Sluice way

Types of DAMS

  • Gravity Dams
  • Arch Dams
  • Buttress Dam
  • Earth Dams

Advantages of Dams are:

  • Water Stored in dams are used for irrigation.
  • Generation of electricity from the water released through dams.
  • No pollution occurs during generation of electricity. Clean source of energy.
  • Hydroelectricity produced by dams does not produce any waste product.
  • Flood control by holding water.
  • Supply of water to less rainfall areas.
  • Picnic spot (Boating) etc.

Disadvantages of Dams are:

  • The cost of construction is very high.
  • Sometimes takes dacades for construction of dams.
  • High standard materials are required to built dams.
  • Regular maintenance of dams is necessary.
  • The flow of river water is disturbed and may disturb the habitat of wild life.
  • Risk of flood if dams break by earthquake.

This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this PPT file of DAMS.

  • Introduction
  • DAMS
  • Structure of Dam
  • Types of Dam
  • Advantages of Dams
  • Disadvantages of Dams
  • Reference

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